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Epic RK3DE 2016 with C4 Belts and horseCom USA

It’s no secret that this is an Olympic year, and that RK3DE formally known as Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event is the biggest Olympic selection trial on American soil, so it should also come as no surprise that here at Horsefly Group, we’ve been working hard to come up with an idea that could rival last year’s insanity of #selfietoast.

RK3DE 2015 – The History of #SelfieToast

Horsefly Group RK3DE 2015 Selfie Toast Selfie

You know you’ve made it when Chinch shows up in your selfie. (That’s me – CJ – in the huge shiny sunglasses lol.)

In case you missed it, last year we worked with the great brand Equiflexsleeve to bring you not just any
old autograph session with Laine Ashker of #LAE. We did one better, and took Laine’s reputation for great selfies to the next level, and actually put her face on toast, and *cheers!* called it #selfietoast. Yes, that’s really a thing, and that really happened, and thanks to Eventing Nation, we have the photos and blogs to prove it – read the Laine Ashker Selfie Toaster #thathappened blog for full details on the craziness that ensued. Chinch even made a special appearance!

So, to keep our reputation for great crazy fun things at Rolex going while bringing you the best of the best of new products and brands we love, this year we partnered with C4 Belts Equestrian and the all new not-even-launched-yet wearable technology of horseCom USA. And we promise you, it’s going to be crazy!

Welcome to the “Name That Jam Challenge”

Who: The DJs, Laine Ashker and Kyle Carter will be spinning the tunes for you to guess
What: A contest of epic proportions and zaniness
When: Thursday 4/28, exact time TBD (afternoon)
Where: RK3DE Indoor Trade Fair C4 Belts booth #212
Why: Because it’s Rolex, and we’re Horsefly, and it’s just what we do

Are you #TeamKyle or #TeamLaine? Fans can line up to show their support, get autographs, and some lucky fans will have a chance to compete in Name That Jam with Kyle and Laine. May the best team win. There may even be special guest appearances from other top eventers, but you won’t know unless you’re there!

How It Works:

Fans line up for autographs at the C4 booth. Once Lainey and Kyle arrive, we kick off the contest. The first fans in line for each team put on a C4 belt, a pinney, and a helmet with a horseCom unit that is bluetooth attached to either Kyle or Laine’s phone. Kyle and Laine play a song of their choice, and the fan has 10 seconds to name that jam. If they get it right, they stand behind Laine/Kyle. If they get it wrong, they step aside. Hand off belt, pinney, and helmet with horseCom to next in line. First team to get 10 songs right (or 5 if we’re tight on time) wins. Regular autograph session to follow.

The prizes:

The Game
Winning team (10 winners) – C4 swag | Losing team/participants that guessed wrong tune – C4 stickers (or something similar)

All Weekend
Be spotted out and about at Rolex in any C4 or horseCom gear or spot the horseCom/Horsefly Group team member CJ all weekend long for swag and more chances to enter to win the grand prizes!

Grand Prizes
Enter to win one of two grand prizes – an autographed Laine Ashker photo with her and Al from Burghley, C4 prize pack, and a horseCom unit (retail value $799.00). Enter in person at the C4 booth or online (URL to be announced) for your chance to win. Winners to be randomly selected – one in person at Rolex, one online. Rolex winner will be announced at Rolex before show jumping starts on Sunday. Online entrants will start on Monday before Rolex 4/25 and go through 5/15 at noon EDT. Online winner to be announced no later than Monday, 5/16.

Be there on Thurs!

Be there for #RK3DE #NameThatJam C4 booth #212 Indoor Trade Fair Thurs afternoon for your chance to win prizes from these great brands, brought to you by Horsefly Group. You can also order online in advance to show support for #C4Equestrian and your favorite riders with code “thebeltguy” at C4 Belts today, and be sure to check out on the web and on social to learn more about this soon to be launched new technology. And stay tuned both here and on Eventing Nation for news and updates as we get closer to kicking off another epic RK3DE. Can’t wait to see you there!


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