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Lloyds Bank Horse Story Commercial

Lloyds Bank Celebrates 250 Years with Horse Story

What makes a great ad? Is it one that makes you think? One that stirs emotions inside you? One that makes you laugh? There is no right or wrong answer. However, all great ads have one core commonality: you remember them. Whether it’s the result of their visual appeal, the language they opt to use, or the emotional connection that you’ve made with the subject matter, you will remember the ad.

The 250th anniversary ad for Lloyds Bank is one such ad, in particular for horse enthusiasts. Lloyd’s Bank is one of the top High Street banks in the United Kingdom, and wanted to celebrate its 250th anniversary with an ad that its audience was sure to remember.

Enter ‘Horse Story.’

The advert, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, brings to life the iconic black horse that for many years has been a central point of Lloyds Bank’s logo. It charters the journey of the horse throughout the course of history, demonstrating the vital importance that horses have played in progressing our civilization to where we are today. From helping us to farm our agricultural land, to carrying us stoically through the battlefield, to ensuring that you had your milk delivered fresh every morning, horses have been by our side throughout the centuries.

The visual imagery in the ad alongside the powerful musical track ‘Wings’, performed by Birdy, combine to present an empowering storyline. Beginning with the gangly legged black foal to the majestic horse that thunders through the forest, the message is simple: ‘We’ve been by your side all along’.

And herein lies the genius of Lloyds Bank’s advertisement.
It is not until the end of the ad that the logo for Lloyds Bank is displayed. Having watched 90 seconds of the advert, making an emotional connection to the importance that horses have played in our history, only then is the audience shown what the ad is actually about. “By your side for 250 years” flashes up, followed by the logo. It’s an absolutely fantastic rendition of an advertiser taking an emotionally driven ad and driving you to connect those emotions to a brand.

Commenting on the driving force behind the ad, Catherine Kehoe, the managing director for brands and marketing at Lloyds Bank, said: “We wanted to acknowledge our 250th anniversary with a campaign that dramatises the role Lloyds Bank has played in its customers’ and communities’ lives through the years.
“Our iconic symbol – the black horse – is the vehicle used to demonstrate quiet determination and trust, by your side through good times and bad.”


The emotional appeal, the stunning imagery, the fantastic soundtrack, and of course the star feature of a powerful horse, have helped place this ad firmly in the ranks of one of our favorite ads. It serves as a reminder that an ad doesn’t need over the top graphics to be great; simplicity can often deliver the most powerful message.


So without further ado, let’s let the ad speak for itself.


The team at Horsefly Group loves discussing creativity and commercials. We’re posting recaps of some of our favorite ad spots with as part of our #BestCommercialsEver series. What are some of the best commercials you’ve ever seen?

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