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The Best is Yet to Come

Back when I worked for DigitalGrit, a fast-growing and much-hailed digital marketing agency in the heyday of the internet boom, founder Dan Lynn ended every company meeting with those six words: The best is yet to come. He meant it,  we believed it, and together we built something better and better every single year. From awards to accolades, to even a “DigitalGrit Day” declared in our town, it was a pretty incredible journey.

Like many great stories, that journey ended when, in the name of growth, we merged with another company that said all the right things and made all the right promises to seem like a good fit. While we all still believed the best is yet to come, eventually reality changed enough that everyone sought that “best” elsewhere. Yet our time together was so inspirational, so transformational, for both us and our clients,  those six words have always stuck with me, and have been my beacon at any company I’ve ever worked for since. The best is yet to come.

Here I am years later, a part of a team that in so many ways is reminiscent of Dan Lynn’s vision in DigitalGrit, with the added bonus of nearly a decade more of experience under my belt, a network of professionals, colleagues, and friends I am proud to know, and a business colleague in Holly, founder of Horsefly Group, whom I take as no coincidence bears the same name as my best boss ever – Holly (in that case, Lopp, of Estee Lauder Online – another well-loved job of my youth). And so here I stand, older and wiser, but also more enlightened and inspired than ever, with great news, and the promise of the best is yet to come!

Horsefly Group is excited to officially announce two new clients: Lighthoof Equine Mud Management Solution, and Tail Lights.Lighthoof offers mud management solutions that are affordable and easy to install that are both good for your horses and for the environment. You can read more about them on the Lighthoof Equine Mud Management Solution website.

Tail Lights is the first and only safety lighting system the world has ever seen for equine use, inspired by real life events. With a specific focus on safety, their product is ideal for law enforcement and mounted patrol units all over the globe, as well as for anyone who trail rides along roads or highways, along traffic, or at dusk or after dark. Their revolutionary system will be available for pre-order, so be sure to follow the Tail Lights website to stay in the know!

And that, my friends, is just the beginning. Be sure to keep an eye on these great brands, and follow us here at Horsefly Group. Because the best, we promise, is yet to come!

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