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CJ Millar_digital director

Meet CJ Millar, Digital Marketing at Horsefly Group. While Holly leads the team developing the face and voice of your brand, CJ makes sure it’s getting results behind the scenes with her own team of digital specialist Horseflyers. Her career has been defined by “right place at the right time” graduating out of Centenary College just as the first internet boom was happening in 1998. She was in the thick of these developments in NYC, creating new and significant technologies and internet processes for clients such as Estee Lauder, HBO, Consumer Reports, Avon, Clinique, and LexisNexis. Being there from the beginning gives her unparalleled experience to shepherd our clients through SEM, PPC, SEO, link acquisition, internet marketing, social marketing and advertising, community & forum engagement, and all aspects of digital brand management and e-commerce. In addition, she writes for several of her own blogs, and helps clients develop creative and editorial blog platforms for themselves.


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